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My Dee Handy Honor

Honors Abounding x Mia Drum Runner
Aka The Potamus! I bought her as an unbroke 4 yo, finally got her started a bit as a 5 yo, and we've just been plugging along from there when time away from client's horses allows. She has run in the 1D her first year of competing in stiff competition and she's just getting the hang of the game! She is a special girl and I think we are going to see great things to come with her!

First rodeo run EVER .6 off the winner!
7th in the 1D out of 75 horses

Tuffern Ciclone
Ciclone Socks x BBM Splash Of Bay
Born May 23, 2000
Sunny is a homebred who finally discovered he can truly RUN around the age of 10! Strong enough to pull down a house and consistent as the day is long on the pattern as all of our Valentine Farm trained horses are!!! Update 4/30/2011Sunny won the 1D at the April 30th DC Western PBRA show!!! We are so proud of our "little" boy!!!

Sunny winning the April 30, 2011 DC Western PBRA show
Tuffern Ciclone, Spring 2008

Honor The Jaquar Jet

Honor The Moon x Lindas Winning Bird

Also known as "Your Highness". She is indeed royalty. Jag is a 2004 model and has Jet Of Honor, Lady Bugs Moon, Easy Jet, and Jaguar Rocket on her papers. Her entire Pedigree is a who's who of performers. She is now being hauled and is showing all the makings of a good one. She was super consistent winning the 3D in 2010 and won the 3D High Point for our NBHA district! She is now running consistently in the 2D and just recently won a show on May 5, 2011! We are so excited for the great things to come from this beautiful girl!

Jag's first 1D win! May 5,2011 EZ Run PBRA

Leslie/Jag 05052011 from Bob Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

Second in the 1D with a slip at the first--this girl loves her job!!!


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