The Veterans

Jack Rod Wilson
Jack Wilson x Doc Gray Sugar
Born June 10, 1997

The smoothest, most consistent horse ever, Jack has gone in the arena for 9 years now and gives me a great run every time! Jack was always my sanity at the end of the day and it was such a joy to jump on him to run and know I didn't have to do any thinking! He is the first barrel horse I trained and he just goes to show that a good solid foundation holds up over the years. Jack has won barrel races from 2004 to 2011--not too shabby! His latest win was the second 2011 Triple Creek Winter Series show and he also won the series 1D average! All this after having battled Lyme Disease, EPM and dealing with respiratory issues--Jack has been my little superman! Unfortunately this year his allergies have proven to be too much for him to overcome and rather than run him knowing he would feel like a fish out of water I've decided to retire him and take care of him the best I can for the remainder of his years. He would still run his heart out for me, but he's already given me more than I ever deserved. He is a true Champion.

Jack winning a show at the 2011 Triple Creek Farm Winter Series as well as winning the 1D Average!

Leslie Ramsdell/Jack 02-19-2011 from Bob Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

Jack running in the 1D at NBHA Colonial Nationals, 2011
My diamond in the rough...
Pictured below at 20 months when I got him, 3 years and 11 years old.
Affectionately known as "Little Shitty Jack"

Jack and Leslie NBHA Dixie Nationals 2008

Runs a pretty pattern every time!

Bo Jetta Bug

Jet Of Honor x Boetta Bug

Bo Jetta Bug, Spring 2007

He's "DA MAN!"
Pictured below at 19 years of age
His last run at 19 years old! Now enjoying a well-earned retirement.
Bo and Leslie at NBHA Dixie Nationals, 2008

Wonder Willie Win

Otoe Wonder x Woodland Queen

Mom's barrel horse

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